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Coast (2017)

Holiday Special (2019)

Adventures of Billy Blaze (2022)


Macho (2018)

Mašem snovima (2020)

Za nju (2024)


Kad si u Čakovcu (2022)

Mila (2023)

About us

Scifidelity Orchestra is a vibrant jazz band rooted in the region of Međimurje, Croatia, comprising a group of talented musicians. Established in 2013. the band is distinguished by its original compositions, aiming to express deep emotions, transmit positive energy, and spread joy among its audience.

Musical Style and Influence

The orchestra specializes from old-time jazz ( a genre predating the bebop era ) all the way to modern style jazz music. Their music, characterized by its entertaining and commercial appeal, reflects their dedication to the craft and their desire to bring joy to audiences. Their performances are not only musically enriching but also engaging, creating a vibrant connection with their listeners.


Stjepan Horvat – Double bass
Benjamin Horvat – Banjo
Ruben Horvat – Tenor trombone
Filip Horvat – Alto trombone
David Mesarić – Washboard/Drums

“Jazz from another dimension”

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